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About SOAR Feat 2012

Walking Across the US for Vulnerable Elderly & Their Caregivers

The SOAR Feat 2012 Walk is part of the mission of Seniors Obtaining Assistance and Resources (SOAR), Inc., which was formed to help meet the needs of vulnerable elderly and caregivers.

WHO: Teri Swezey, SOAR Board member, public health researcher & caregiver for her late mother, who had end-stage dementia.

WHAT: Walking (and now bike riding) across the US to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable elderly and caregivers.

WHEN: April to mid-October 2012 (walking 15-20 miles per day).

WHERE: Starting in Wrightsville Beach, NC & ending in Cambria, CA (3,039 miles).

FUNDRAISING GOAL: To raise as much as possible from donations given from the heart. Every penny counts! Please give what you can to support the vulnerable elderly and their caregivers. Funds raised during the SOAR Feat 2012 walk will be used to tell the unheard stories of caregivers and their loved ones in rural America and to cover some of the costs of the walk.

Additionally, many elderly struggle with paying for prescriptions and food, and caregivers are often unable to have a break from their caregiving responsibilities. These themes came up in discussions with seniors, caregivers, and service providers while I was caring for mom.  They have been reinforced in discussions with people during the SOAR Feat 2012 walk n roll.  SOAR’s ultimate goal is thus to provide much-needed assistance for prescription co-pays, low-income meal programs, and relief services for caregivers.

SEEKING: Partners and sponsors who will gain increased exposure through being featured on the SOAR Feat 2012 website, FB page, promotional materials & press releases that will be made about the walk.

The mission of Seniors Obtaining Assistance and Resources, Inc. and SOAR Feat 2012 is to:

1) Raise funds and awareness to help meet the needs of vulnerable elderly and their caregivers.

2) Generate support for addressing and resolving the challenges of aging and caregiving in our current social and economic times.

3) Raise awareness about the role of senior centers in linking the elderly and their caregivers to services, information, referral, and assistance in their communities.

The purpose of Seniors Obtaining Assistance and Resources, Inc. is to:

1) Secure and distribute resources in support of the vulnerable elderly and their caregivers.

2) Support innovative and creative solutions to the challenges faced by those who are aging and those who care for them.

Inspiration for SOAR Feat 2012

MaryMy mother, Mary, had late stage dementia. Sharing the last few years of her life as her caregiver is the inspiration for this walk across America. Mom’s soaring swan dive is the inspiration for the SOAR Feat 2012 name and logo. I believe that, by raising awareness, many others who share the same struggles mom and I went through, will find relief and support along their own journeys with aging.

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Teri & her Mom

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